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Blasting Zone Ahead

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Blasting Zone Ahead high explosives

Blasting Zone Ahead is a must, whether you’re a blasting professional or you’re just looking for great home entertainment the whole family will enjoy. Watch this fantastic, beautifully edited collection of blasting scenes compiled by a veteran blasting and demolition expert over the course of 30 years.

See high explosives used in a staggering array of applications - hard rock mining, pipeline blasting, smokestack and bridge demolition, road construction, special effects, pyrotechnics, and airshow bombing and strafing run demonstrations.

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Bridge Demolition
Blow Up the Bridge!

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Blasting a smokestack
Bomb the Smokestack!

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This dynamite video is a real BLAST! You and your kids will enjoy watching it again and again. Blasting Zone Ahead makes a great gift for the guys, in fact we've found quite a few ladies have been enjoying it too! Shown at the 2003 Santa Fe Film Festival. Shipped to you in a deluxe library case.

Run Time: 37 minutes
Genre: Entertainment, Documentary
Price: $10.00 plus shipping
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For private home use only. Available on DVD or VHS in the USA only. Intended for all audiences.

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